Popular design news of the week: January 2, 2017 – January 8, 2017

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers. 

The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week.

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The Best and Worst User Interfaces of 2016


Improve the Look of Links with the CSS Text Decoration Module


30 Truly Interactive Websites Built with CSS & JavaScript


CSS Grid is Coming


The Future is Now: 10 Design Predictions for 2017


Adobe XD – Your New Favorite Design tool?


Introducing Panda Search


20 Awesome Free Hipster Fonts


React Cheat Sheet


Choosing the Correct Average


The Most Important Tech Trend of 2017


Online SVG Icons to Font Generator


Color Supply


Manifesto for the New Design


6 Characteristics of Successful Freelancers: Do You Have Them?


How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Design


How to Design with Pantone’s Color of the Year


The 100 Best WordPress Plugins for 2017


Beware of Developers Who do Negative Work


50 Great Free Handwriting Fonts


My Beef with the Hamburger Menu


The State of Design Tools in 2017


3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Now Online


Why Web Design Needs UX Experts


Design or Get Off the Pot


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Popular design news of the week: January 2, 2017 – January 8, 2017

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