Lidl lets customers vote on Christmas prices in social media ‘first’


Launching today (21 November), Lidl will begin crowdsourcing the prices of select Christmas products in what it is calling an industry first.

The Twitter-based strategy means the more a customers tweets about a featured Lidl product the lower its final price will become.

The Lidl ‘Social Price Drop’ will start with Christmas lobster, which has a starting price of £5.99. Customers will be able to potentially lower the lobster’s price by tweeting about it from 8am today until 6pm Tuesday 22 November.

And every Wednesday in the run-up to Christmas the final prices of featured items will be revealed, with shoppers then able to take advantage of the reduced cost in store the following Saturday. In-store ticketing will also highlight the ‘Social Price Drop’ promotion.

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“The Social Price Drop is a first for any supermarket in the UK, and we’re incredibly excited about giving our customers the power on Twitter to lower the price of some of our finest festive products,” said Georgina Hall, head of communications at Lidl UK.

“Christmas is a very expensive time of year for shoppers up and down the country and as a retailer at the heart of Britain’s communities, our ambition is to put the control back into the hands of consumers and save them even more in the run up to Christmas.”

The move by Lidl comes amid a versatile period for supermarket prices. Last week at a press briefing, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis warned global suppliers not to artificially inflate their prices to exploit a fall in the pound.

In his first public comments since supplier Unilever tried to raise the cost of popular items such as Marmite due to a weaker currency, Lewis said price rises needed to be “justified”.

He said: “The only thing we would ask of companies that are in that position is they don’t ask UK customers to pay inflated prices in order that their reporting currency is maintained. They don’t do that for countries outside of the UK.”

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Lidl lets customers vote on Christmas prices in social media ‘first’

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