Interior Design: NL2 SMA

Interior Design: NL2 SMA

Jan 16, 2017

NL2 SMA is an interior design and architecture project shared by Anton Siriak. I rarely post about interior design, I usually write posts about architecture, however there’s something about this project that really caught my attention. I am fan of simple interiors, minimal. I love when everything is sort of hidden and whatever is visible is because it has a purpose a bit more than just decoration. Anton’s project embraces all of that, with the addition of a stunning outdoor space. Check it out and let us know what you think. For me, I will just dream of having my house looking like that, one day.

Anton Siriak is an architect and interior designer from Kyiv, Ukraine. His portfolio is full of great work. Modern and for lack of better word, sleek.

Interior Design

Source: Abduzeedo
Interior Design: NL2 SMA

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