Google, Adidas and GoPro – The top 10 YouTube ads in October

1. Introducing Pixel – Phone by Google

Google launched its first smartphone in October and judging by the success of its marketing campaign it will prove popular with buyers. This video showcases why people should buy the device, highlighting its battery life, camera, unlimited storage and the fact it has Google Assistant built in.

2. Adidas – Football needs creators featuring Paul Pogba

Footballer Paul Pogba made a big money move back to Manchester United over the summer and the club’s kit sponsor Adidas wasted no time in making the most of his brand power. It tells Pogba’s story, from his early days playing football on the streets and getting into trouble for his football antics to him getting spotted by a talent scout and playing for Juventus and, finally, United.

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3. Dolmio – The look up experiment

This is the second consecutive month for Dolmio on YouTube’s list as it attempts to show children what happens when they spend too much time staring at their phones and not enough to what is going on around them. All to promote its ‘Pepper Hacker’, which turns off Wi-Fi at dinner time to get families talking.

4. GoPro – HERO5 + Karma: The Launch in 4K

GoPro’s claims its new device is “Hollywood in a backpack”. And it is showing off its new piece of kit with a video that shows people using it to film stunning mountainscapes, concerts and hot air balloon rides.

5. MoneySuperMarket – Car Insurance vs Home Insurance #EpicSquads

MoneySupermarket has pitted the strutters from its car insurance ad against their builder rivals from its home insurances ads in a battle to prove who is the “most epic”. Viewers can even get involved, picking sides on social media and getting involved in the conversation using #EpicSquads.

6. BT – BTnet: In Sync

7. Google – Made by Google

8. Walkers Crisps – Paddy’s Perfect Pairings with Walkers episode one: Plane Crisps

9. Walkers Crisps – Paddy’s Perfect Pairings with Walkers episode two: Love at first bite

10. Walkers Crisps – Paddy’s Perfect Pairings with Walkers episode four: The food of love

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Google, Adidas and GoPro – The top 10 YouTube ads in October

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