Build a beautiful home online with Squarespace

Anyone can be a designer: we all know how to match a jacket with a shirt, or pick out a color for a new car, or even just how to stack a burger. Making something look good, is something we all know how to do. What we sometimes lack, is the specialist know-how to make our design vision a reality; especially when it comes to something as complex as web development. That’s where Squarespace comes in.

Squarespace is a pioneering creative tools company that enables anyone to make their design vision a reality. In fact, around 70% of Squarespace sites are run by small businesses that care about quality design.

Squarespace’s engineers take away the headache of running a site, by providing all code, security, and asset management. There is even 24/7 customer service, so if something does go wrong, support staff are always available to get you back up and running. All of which leaves you free to focus on your creative vision.

Widely known as a WYSIWYG-style website builder, you might be surprised to learn that Squarespace delivers a far greater range of services that any designer might benefit from.

Squarespace domains

Squarespace runs a domain registration service that allows you to register a domain for your site from between $20 and $70 per year (depending on the TLD).

There are over 200 TLDs to choose from, so you’re not restricted to .com, .org, and .net. If you’ve got the perfect name, but it’s not available, Squarespace’s extensive list of TLDs give you far more options to work with.

In addition to simple registration, Squarespace domains come with domain privacy by default; domain names are added to an online database with the registrant’s details available for anyone to see, domain privacy swaps out your details for Squarespace’s own, keeping your contact details confidential. That means you can start your business from your parent’s basement, without having to give out Mom and Pop’s address.

Renewals are predictable too. Domains are automatically renewed, at the same price that you registered them at, with no hidden fees. So you can feel confident that you’ll always know where you stand.

Squarespace websites

Starting from just $12 per month, Squarespace’s core product is one of the most popular site builders with creative professionals worldwide.

Constantly evolving, Squarespace websites are design-led, and the service comes with 45+ website templates for you to start from. Most importantly, Squarespace websites are mobile-friendly, so you can be sure that your customers will see your site, just as you intended, however they choose to browse it.

As an added bonus, if you pay for a full year in advance, you’ll get a free domain registration, making this one of the simplest ways to move your business online.

Squarespace online stores

Ecommerce is the last great frontier for site builders, and Squarespace has developed one of the most successful solutions for selling online: since launching in 2013, Squarespace’s ecommerce option has earned its customers over $1billion in revenue.

The platform continues to evolve as a fast, secure place to sell goods. The latest additions are advanced analytics, providing merchants with a detailed understanding of online sales.

Using Squarespace

Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder with a love of design at its very core. It’s the choice of thousands of creative professionals worldwide. Its flexible design tools, easy site building process, and attention to design details make it one of the first options to shortlist when considering creating your own website.


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Build a beautiful home online with Squarespace

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