The Met – UI/UX

The Met – UI/UX

The Met - UI/UX

Nov 29, 2016

We would like to share the work from Anton & Irene on what they have worked on their digital redesign for theMet which is the second largest museum in the World. Getting numbers like 33 million visitors last year is huge so the stakes are pretty to create a seamless user experience both on Mobile and Desktop.

It was a work collaboration with other teams from program management, development and Anton & Irene on the UX and designing components. After some surfing on the live site, I just love how the branding and design guidelines just made sense (font, sizes and colours) and flows very well during scroll. Also how fluid it is on your mobile experience as well, like having a darker selection to indicate a selected state from the buttons. Give it a look as well at

Digital Redesign for the Met, World’s Second Largest Museum

The Met - UI/UXThe Met - UI/UXThe Met - UI/UX


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The Met – UI/UX

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