Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and M&S: The Top 10 YouTube ads for 2016

1. Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift 

It comes as little surprise that Sainsbury’s festive campaign has been voted 2016’s number one YouTube ad, having been announced as the platform’s most popular Christmas ad just last month. This year the supermarket moved away from CGI Mog and instead focused on stop-animation puppet Dave, who wants to spend as much time with his family as possible over the festive period, so decides to clone himself. With 17,291,872 views in 2016, the musical number has been a hit with shoppers.

2. John Lewis – #BusterTheBoxer 

Throw in a bouncing dog, some woodland creatures and a notable soundtrack and it’ll get you second place in YouTube’s top viewed ads for 2016. Taking a lighter approach than last year’s darker Man on the Moon, John Lewis’s £7m campaign aimed to make people smile. And with 104,069 likes (and counting) on the platform, it seems to have done just that.

3. KitKat – CROSSY ROAD 

Few would dispute the fact 2016 was the year of the social media influencer and KitKat successfully tapped into this trend with its Crossy Road ad by featuring vloggers Tobi and Simon, aka Miniminter and TBJZL. The two come head to head to compete in a ‘real-life’ version of YouTube game Crossy Road. The comical ad racked up 8,844,534 views online.

4. M&S – Christmas with love from Mrs. Claus 

When you think of fashion icons, Mrs Claus isn’t necessarily first on the list. However, she seems to have done the trick for M&S, with the retailer crediing its festive campaign for a recent 2.3% rise in clothing sales. The brand had hoped to create a more emotional connection that resonated more with consumers and it seems to have worked, with 8,075,607 views and 26,386 likes so far.

5. Nike – The Switch 

Nike’s ‘Freaky Friday’ collaboration with footballer Ronaldo placed it in the Top 5 for 2016. The ad features Ronaldo and a British teenage boy comically switching places to live a day in each other’s lives. Ronaldo loses his football talent and the young boy soon impresses in a playground game of football. The fun ad has hit 59,150,408 views.

6. P&G – Flash Ah-ah Dog #FlashDog

7. Waitrose – #HomeForChristmas

8. Dolmio – The look up experiment 

9. Virgin Media – #BeTheFastest 10. EE- Wembley Cup Final 2016 

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Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and M&S: The Top 10 YouTube ads for 2016

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