Product Design: House Automation Gadgets

Product Design: House Automation Gadgets

Product Design: House Automation Gadgets

Jan 26, 2017

We started Abduzeedo with the mission of sharing everything that inspires us. We focus heavily on digital design but more and more we try to feature product design. When I say product design I am trying to say, real physical products. Perhaps the best term should be industrial design. We are also reviewing more products/gadgets. With that in mind we will start sharing some of the devices that are in our wishlists or that we have already gotten. For this post I will share some simple, yet awesome, products that can give remote control of your house. 

From doorbell with cameras, to wifi enabled washer and dryer, there’s a plethora of products that can make your place feel automated. The best thing is that the prices of this products are also going down. Some are still a dream for me, but outlets and lights that can be controlled from my phone and personal assistants are quite awesome.  In addition to that, for me they also give a nice style because they are great examples of good product design.

Product design: house automation

Ivy Smarter Kit: Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart LED Lighting KitNoke Padlock - Keyless Bluetooth Smart Padlock, Black

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Product Design: House Automation Gadgets

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