Photography: Urban Abstract by Michael-Bies

Photography: Urban Abstract by Michael-Bies

Photography: Urban Abstract by Michael-Bies

Nov 29, 2016

Photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. I am far from a pro, much more like a beginner/enthusiast. One of my favorite subjects is buildings and the geometric forms of big cities, with skyscrapers, textures and vanishing points. I am always looking for references and inspiration on sites like 500px, Behance and Flickr. There is where I found the work of Michael-Bies, a photographer from Landau Palatinate, Germany. He has some incredible black and white photos of urban and architecture subjects. I selected some of my favorites. Look at the simplicity of the composition and the effect created by the textures.



umbrella by Michael-Bies on

cologne cathedral by Michael-Bies on

dots and squares by Michael-Bies on

shell house by Michael-Bies on

tower185 by Michael-Bies on

into the deep by Michael-Bies on

downstairs by Michael-Bies on

sculpture by Michael-Bies on

columns by Michael-Bies on

tower 185 by Michael-Bies on

Liège by Michael-Bies on

urban living by Michael-Bies on

Lou Ruvo Center by Michael-Bies on


About the photographer

For more information about Michael check out his 500px profile at

Source: Abduzeedo
Photography: Urban Abstract by Michael-Bies

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