Photography Challenge of the Week: #abdz_shadowplay​​​​​​​

Photography Challenge of the Week: #abdz_shadowplay​​​​​​​

Photography Challenge of the Week: #abdz_shadowplay​​​​​​​

Feb 27, 2017

And the photography challenge goes on! Yes! Mainly, It’s an open concept that is made purely for fun and also to improve your photos or mobile photography skills. The idea is simple! At the beginning of the week, we’ll share a theme through a hashtag for your pictures. During that given week, you will use that hashtag whenever you seem is appropriate or not. On Friday we’ll select and publish our favourite photos on the blog and also on Instagram account (@Abduzeedos). We look forward to see what you will come up with.

This for this week, we are going for the hashtag: –> #abdz_shadowplay. What does it mean? As the title suggests it is all about playing with shadows and of course light. From abstract to simple people’s shadows, there are many ways to capture the subject. In addition to that, it will be a great exercise for us, enthusiasts of the art of capturing the moment.


Charkha by Rajiv Malu on

The shadow and the player by Alex Spasov on

Flowers on a Bench by Lauren on

Augarten by Gabriel Pall on

Like a shadow by Sheenna on

shadow dancer by Magdalena Roeseler on

Floor and Shadow by Marco Dias on

Shadow at the Modern Place by Wolfgang Weber on

Geometry by jamian on

Window by Pāvels Sablins on

. by MoAcat on

. by MoAcat on

Source: Abduzeedo
Photography Challenge of the Week: #abdz_shadowplay​​​​​​​

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