Motion Design/Typography – Skatepark

Motion Design/Typography – Skatepark

Motion Design/Typography - Skatepark

Jan 19, 2017

Skatepark font as the name suggest is a typography but also motion design project shared by Keisuke Terashima. Throughout these 10 years of Abduzeedo we have seen many very creative projects where the designer explores different ideas for a family face, however, this one that Keisuke put together has to be one of the coolest. Perhaps, because I am a fan of skateboarding, but the idea of mixing skateboarding and its beautiful tricks with letters reproducing obstacles is nothing less than amazing. The animations are top notch as well and aligned with a cartoonish style it reminds me of a video-game. Anyways, enough said, check it out the full alphabet with tons of flips, grinds and other rad tricks.

Keisuke Terashima is a graphic designer, motion designer and art director at PARTY in Tokyo, Japan. For more information make sure to check out his website at – there are more incredible projects on his portfolio.

Motion Design and Typography

Source: Abduzeedo
Motion Design/Typography – Skatepark

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