Moment Superfish Lens (Review)

Moment Superfish Lens (Review)

Moment Superfish Lens (Review)

Dec 05, 2016

When it comes to Mobile Photography, there’s a brand that shines more than the others and it’s Moment. They have changed the game with their revolutionary thinking at making tools for us to capture, create and make moments on our phones and turned them into a better camera. From the lenses, mounts, cases, accessories and even with the newly Travel Case, Moment never cease to amaze us all with their latest and the greatest. Speaking of that, we are reviewing the latest addition to their lenses family and it’s the Superfish Lens (170 degrees). Coming with the same high standard of quality build, we are looking at a super wide angle lens that can offer you a perspective that you’ll never usually witness. Let’s break it down!

My Gear for this review


Moment Superfish Lens (Review)


First Impressions


The Moment you unbox their gear, it’s always a joy to go through their packaging and how well it’s designed to widely open your creativity with their charming approach. The Superfish Lens is made of a beautiful and high quality material that gives you the firm feeling on owning a lens. It doesn’t have the same curvy finish as the Wide Lens like we previously reviewed but that flat glass on top will give you the widest scene on Mobile Photography. The lens is made to expand the tight interior spaces; especially on action sports, architecture and videos. If you are a débutant to the brand, it’s not a lens I would recommend to start with, I would rather recommend you to start with the Wide Lens or even with the Tele Lens. Again it all comes to what kind of picture you wanna take, so for me it was a fun challenge to wander my city with that creative thinking in mind.

…made of a beautiful and high quality material that gives you the firm feeling on owning a lens

With the Case or the Mount?


The Superfish Lens comes to an affordable price of 89.99USD and the choice of whatever we should get the case OR the mount. Having the luxury of trying both, I would say that I would prefer the mount and let me elaborate. First off with the Cork Case which is price at 39.99USD, you are in for the full Moment experience. Everything feels like you are actually having a camera instead of a phone and Moment does a great job and giving you the right tools to do it all. With the combination as I quote: of the DSLR-like Shutter button with half press and the Moment app, it feels great to take pictures and you always have that urge to take even more pictures. The only reason why I prefer the mount instead of the case is how I use my phone every day with family, workouts and etc. I don’t wanna damage my case and that’s pretty much the reason why.

…it feels great to take pictures and you always have that urge to take even more pictures

Product Shots

Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review) 



I would say that I am always preaching the quality of Moment products, it’s well build and if you are serious with your Mobile Photography, they are the brand to go to. You can easily carry the lens with your everyday belongings other than when you think of having a DSLR camera with multiples lenses for example. Made On-the-Go for any situations or moments that needs to be captured.



For me there isn’t any cons in my opinion, some will mention the price. We are talking of a high quality product that is build to last, of course it will come to a price. If you are willing to invest less than 200USD for your Mobile Photography, Moment will give you the best of it all.

No Lens (Left) Vs w/ Superfish Lens (Right)

  Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review)Moment Superfish Lens (Review)

Final Words


Moment is not made for beginners or pros, it’s made for everyone who loves photography. This is what I like about this brand, it’s made for someone who wants to go a bit more further than snapping a picture for the heck of snapping. Moment is made for that person who is willing to wander for that shot and taking the time to edit as well. With a little investment, you’ll get an extension to make and create greatness right into your pocket. Thank you Moment!

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Moment Superfish Lens (Review)

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