Kellogg’s on representing ‘modern Britain’

Where does the Corn Flakes marketing team look for new sources of creativity?

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is an iconic UK brand. Therefore we thought it important that our next campaign represented current modern Britain, and looking forward versus a nostalgic look back. We worked with Leo Burnett to create something that was fresh, new and ultimately different from what we have done before. We are always listening to insights from our customers and consumers because we want to talk to our core audience, look at what has and hasn’t worked previously and keep a close eye on our competitors.

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How did the idea for the new Corn Flakes ad campaign come about?

We had a discussion within our team about what makes people love Corn Flakes. The key thing that came back was everyone eats them differently for one reason or another. We decided to open up the discussion on social media platforms, and ask ‘how do you eat yours?’ Very quickly we were pleasantly surprised by the large amount of debate around the versatility of the product. The main thing was people felt passionately about how they ate their Corn Flakes, passionately enough to engage and to share on Facebook. We managed to reach out to Corn Flakes ‘superfans’ online and they agreed to be in the campaign. It’s real people, and their way of enjoying the food.

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How is the Corn Flakes marketing team adjusting to an environment where processes are increasingly digitised and automated?

By moving a large proportion of our marketing towards socially driven content on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels, we are engaging on a platform we know people will want to communicate and digest our messages. More people have seen the new campaign on their phone than on TV in the past two weeks. The use of social media allows us to respond to our audience in real time, and we are able to monitor the content response and dial up and down depending on the engagement.

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Kellogg’s on representing ‘modern Britain’

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