Ikea pledges ‘The Wonderful Everynight’ for new sleep-focused campaign

Ikea is rejigging its brand strapline, changing it from ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ to ‘The Wonderful Everynight’ as it looks to promote its bedroom offering in a new campaign.

Created by its creative agency Mother, the fully integrated campaign will look at the “human side” of sleep, using the analogy of athletes preparing to compete as a parallel to the way adults should invest in the ritual of going to bed. A TV ad ‘Win at sleeping’ features people preparing for bed and challenges viewers to think about how small changes to their evening routine could ensure they get a good night’s sleep.

The campaign comes as its new marketing boss, Laurent Tiersen, claims people are getting less and less sleep. A BBC report in November, meanwhile, claimed this is costing the UK £40bn a year in lost productivity and health impacts.

“We don’t focus on the negative, we focus on the human side; that is more in line with our DNA and our philosophy,” says Tiersen. “The creative platform is about little changes that can have a big impact on daily life because home and daily life is where we spend most of our time. [People] usually focus on big changes but little changes every day can lead to a better life.”

The campaign follows on from work Ikea did over the summer that focused on its kitchen ranges by encouraging people to spend more time cooking together. The aim, says Tiersen, is to increase trust in Ikea as a brand for sleep and to make it known as a brand that specialises not just in furniture but mattresses, bedding and solutions to help declutter a bedroom.

Optimising for mobile and social

Amplifying the TV ads will be content that appears across print, social, outdoor, digital and PR, as well as its own properties. Ikea is launching a ‘mattress finder’ section on its website to help shoppers find the right mattress for them.

It is also rethinking how it works on mobile having previously “just taken a TV ad and put it on social”. Social content will be adapted to ensure it grabs attention in the first few seconds and will focus on the looks on people’s faces when doing activities such as carrying a mattress up to the bedroom.

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The way Ikea weights its budget is also changing. While Tiersen says TV “still enables [the brand] to reach many people at scale”, it has “repurposed” some of its traditional media spend into CRM and social and is also more focused on content that it hopes people will share.

“We want people sharing, interacting with Ikea, and understanding more about the brand,” he explains.

Tiersen says Ikea’s marketing is judged on business results, but also consideration, awareness and trust in the brand. All those parameters have increased since Ikea launched The Wonderful Everyday three years ago, he claims.

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Ikea pledges ‘The Wonderful Everynight’ for new sleep-focused campaign

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