Editorial Design: Awoke Magazine

Editorial Design: Awoke Magazine

Editorial Design: Awoke Magazine

Dec 22, 2016

Awoke Magazine is a branding and editorial design project shared by Lucas Berghoef. Awoke is a digital and traditional lifestyle magazine focussing on a different view on fashion, music and art. As a fan of black and white themes, Lucas really put together something quite beautiful. The typography is quite modern and the little text effect to increase contrast works quite well. It also gave me some ideas for the new version of Abduzeedo.

Editorial Design

Editorial Design: Awoke Magazine

About the designer

Lucas is a young passioned graphic designer currently working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I work as a freelance designer and I’m always interested in collaborating with other passioned designers & agencies with fresh ideas.

For more information check out http://www.lucasberghoef.com/

Source: Abduzeedo
Editorial Design: Awoke Magazine

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