Discover powerful analytics for free, with FullStory

As UX designers, the most valuable tool we have is knowledge of how users are interacting with our products. It’s impossible to design a valuable, and successful site without a deep understanding of how users experience it in the real world.

One tool for developing a comprehensive understanding of how your users experience your site, from first scrolls, via rage clicks, and all the way through to your sales funnel, is FullStory. FullStory is a pixel-perfect playback tool that’s being embraced by designers across the globe. FullStory records every click, swipe, hover, scroll, and keypress from user sessions so you can dive right into your user’s experiences. It’s the next best thing to actually peering over their shoulder—actually, scratch that, it’s better, because these aren’t lab tests, they’re real analytics from real customers.

That all sounds amazing right? Well, it only gets better. Because now, for the first time, FullStory is launching a Free Edition. Now you can get all of these pro-studio insights, on a freelance budget.

FullStory is built for teams, and all of your recordings can be annotated and shared. Seen a confused user looking for button? Send it to your UI designer. Spotted a dropped cart? Pass it on to your content team to improve your sales pitch. FullStory helps you design the site your users really want.

A brand new tool that has just been introduced—exactly the kind of deep-insight utility that makes FullStory so useful—is OmniSearch, which powers FullStory’s extensive searches. You can run queries like “checkout” or “Atlanta”, and FullStory will return all of the sessions related to those terms. You can even filter the search results based on key values like device, or whether the user completed a purchase. This useful tool is part of the new Free Edition, and is provided free forever!

FullStory’s founding engineering team came straight from Google, and brought with them an appreciation of how search functions as a tool. Up until now, analytics platforms have amassed an unmanageable amount of data; you can view a session, but how do you know it’s a useful session? Monitoring analytics as they come in is a full time job. The leap that FullStory has taken with OmniSearch means you can pin-point the data you need, drawn from all of your records. With a simple search, you can retrieve data about a type of user, a particular process, even combine searches to find, for example: high-value customers, using mobile devices, in the Detroit area. Not only that, but OmniSearch is intelligent enough to suggest searches for you; simply start typing your key terms, and the platform will point you in the right direction.

Understanding customers, and gaining actionable insights into how they experience your product, helps you deliver a better user experience. With FullStory’s new OmniSearch feature, you can discover more than ever before. With a setup time of around five minutes, and the launch of the brand new Free Plan, FullStory makes professional-grade analytics available to all designers.


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Discover powerful analytics for free, with FullStory

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