Build beautiful WordPress sites with Ultra Theme by Themify

Ultra Theme by Themify is the latest word in WordPress theme builders. More than a simple set of styles that most themes provide, Ultra Theme allows you to construct your own designs with a simple, powerful drag-n-drop editor.

Taking WordPress into the realm of WYSIWYG site builders, Ultra Theme allows anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of WordPress to achieve impressive pro-standard results in just minutes. Smart layout options mean you can control all of your layout, from header to footer, and apply those choices to individual pages, or across your entire site.

Ultra Theme comes with over 60 professional layouts to help you get started. Simply import the layout, edit the content, and you’re done. There are also 15 different header styles to choose from, 5 single post layouts, 6 header backgrounds, and 6 archive layouts. Built-in essentials like typography and colors allow you to pick one of the preset options, or specify one of 600+ Google fonts, and any color you can think of. It will take longer to choose a layout than to set it up!

The drag-n-drop Themify Builder makes it incredibly easy to create pro-effects, like slider backgrounds, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, and more. Ultra Theme even follows a responsive design methodology, so any site you create can function on any device, regardless of viewport size.

One of the best new features of Ultra Theme is the addition of Ultra Skins. These pre-designed templates can be applied with a single click; and they don’t just import styles, but the settings, content, menus, and widgets too. It’s an incredible time-saver and an amazing way to fast-track the development of client sites.

When you purchase Ultra Theme, you’ll also get 10 free Themify Builder add-ons values at $100! They are:

  • Countdown add-on: allowing you to create a timer on your site that builds anticipation to an event or launch.
  • Progress bar: so you can visually describe the progress of a skill you’re learning or a project that’s ongoing.
  • Counter add-on: a simple counter for numerical data like social shares, with an awesome animation.
  • Contact add-on: allows you to create simple email forms, essential on any site.
  • WooCommerce add-on: lets you turn your WordPress site into a full-blown online store.
  • Timeline add-on: is an awesome way of graphically representing your posts over time.
  • Image Pro add-on: lets you add incredible filters and animations to your images.
  • Typewriter add-on: creates an awesome typewriter effect with your display text.
  • Maps Pro add-on: lets you easily customise the look of a Google map.
  • Pricing Table add-on: is the perfect way to showcase the cost of your products and services.

Once you’ve downloaded Themify’s Ultra Theme you can use it on an unlimited number of sites; you could use it for every single site you build! Ultra Theme comes with free one-click updates and support for a whole year.

Download Themify’s Ultra Theme free of charge, below. If you need assistance setting up Ultra Theme, visit Themify’s dedicated support forum.

Please enter your email address below and click the download button. The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.


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Build beautiful WordPress sites with Ultra Theme by Themify

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