Branding: Caramello – Gellato & Pastisserie

Branding: Caramello – Gellato & Pastisserie

Branding: Caramello - Gellato & Pastisserie

Dec 19, 2016

Caramello – Gellato & Pastisserie is a branding and art direction project shared by the folks over at Collettivo Mare, including Leonardo Schiavina and Luca Cammarata. The design plays with modularity and patterns to create something unique and playful. I feel that modular patterns sometimes result in stark and, for lack of better word, boring visuals but this project proved me wrong. It feels classy, I believe the typography choice was responsible for that. The serif font balances the design with a bit more organic form.

Caramello is a new concept cake and ice cream shop settled in Manchester. The idea behind the concept is create a fresh and modular pattern as a main related communication, mixing different shapes, pastel colors and copper color reminds the caramel one.


Collettivo Mare is an independent design collective born in late 2015, working between Manchester and Barcelona. Founded by Leonardo Schiavina and Luca Cammarata. For more information check out

Source: Abduzeedo
Branding: Caramello – Gellato & Pastisserie

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