Adobe updates Spark Video

Spark Video, Adobe’s video-storytelling app, just got a huge update. While users have always been able to use Spark Video to create animated videos that feature photos, narration, icons and text, users can now go one step further. They can now add video clips into their creations and projects, and the applications for this are almost endless.
This is part of Adobe’s initiative to respond to the rising demand of video on the web, with some stats predicting that video will represent as much as 80% of global Internet traffic by 2019.

According to a recent release on Adobe’s blog, video clips can be added to a designer’s video project in only a couple of minutes. With this new feature to flesh out video creation on this app, both designers and marketers can harness Video Spark’s platform to engage, connect with, and sell to their audiences more directly with the power of video.

Adobe’s blog post already shows off a slew of video clips that have been created by various companies and personalities with this new feature.

Including video clips was the most-requested feature by users from Video Spark, and the company has given its user base what it wanted.

Using the new feature is both intuitive and easy. Here’s what it involves:

To add a video clip, you simply need to add a slide to your Spark Video projects and then choose a video from your iPad, iPhone or computer. As opposed to working with video editors, the video clip can be grouped into a series of slides of different durations.

Users have the option of making a new point over the same video clip. All they have to do is just break it up into a new slide by selecting the “continue” button. After that, they can just overlay text, an icon, narration, and manipulate the volume.

Designed with the user experience in mind, people can also trim their video clips, so they can customize specifically the points at which the clip starts and ends. Thanks to one-touch trimming, users can do this with only their thumbs.

Of course, what’s a video clip and project without sound? The new feature makes it easy to add voices to the project. All it takes is tapping on the record button and speaking into the mic. Then, users will automatically align their video clips to the specific length of their narrations, all with one tap.

To put the finishing touches on a new video clip, music is essential. Users can add a music track to their clip to provide a general mood to their project. They can add their own tracks or select from the app’s suggestions. There’s also a mini-feature that lets users highlight key moments of sound within the clip to further grab the audience’s attention. Clip sounds can be set as ambient background, muted or emphasized.

Designers can try out Video Spark’s new feature right now, either directly from Adobe’s website or from the App Store.

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Adobe updates Spark Video

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